A collection of 2222 APES-X explorers on the Singular — RMRK 2.0 official marketplace

All APES-X are randomly generated from a lot of traits. Some traits are fixed and create character personality. Some traits are equippable, and can be changed and transferred separately. Collection contains 10 corporations (factions). Each corporation includes 222 members — 200 common members, 20 officers, 2 generals. And also 2 rulers that are above all the corporations. Half of the uncommon members will be for sale and the other half will be distributed between the community members. Owners of 20 generals and 2 rulers will receive a free airdrop from the limited Furaria collection, and get access to the closed club, with all bonuses that come with it.



Project announcement and presentation of ten APES-X corporations:  Dark Matter, Origin Apes, Morph Squad, HOME, PAQ, Gold Order, TRR, Neo Apes, Eve Horizon, Banana Way.

Presale and Giveaway events in February and March.


2022, Summer
Final date depends on RMRK 2.0 equippable functionality release dates.

Official launch of APES-X collection.

Free airdrops to: all holders of presale NFT’s, Furaria card holders, collaboration artists, community supporters.

First sales waves.


2022, Q3

Second sales waves.

Community events, in which every holder of APES-X have chance to: promote common member to officer and higher, receive unique equippable NFT’s, receive unique corporation special banners, participate in unique raffles.


2022, Q3-4

Going to the Moon and beyond.



Almost 3 centuries ago, inhabitants of the Furaria world started space programs, to evolve from one planet to interstellar civilization. Interplanetary engine RMRK brings spaceships to the edge of the solar system, but not further. It was a good engine, but incapable of interstellar travelling. But at the break of the 22 century, a second version of the RMRK engine was invented, and it gave an extraordinary boost to interstellar expansion.

During the expansion, ten most powerful corporations arose. They reached the deepest corners of the universe, they conquered hundreds of worlds, they brought back to Furaria the prosperity that no one had ever seen before.

And it all started in 2022 from the first space program, called APES-X.

Lots of traits


Skin, fur, eyes, ears, brows, mouth — all different variables, colors and shapes.

Space suits

10 unique corporation suits, in different conditions and with different details.


Special items on the heads, eyes, faces, hands and behind the backs.