Ten big corporations are exploring the universe, and Dark Matter is the one of them. Dark Matter was not the first, but they are now. When Furaria started to explore the space, it all went smoothly, until the new worlds were discovered. Every world brings surprises and unexpected encounters. Someone must deal with it.

Dark Matter is always the first to breach the darkest corners of the universe and deal with the unknown. They are the one of the best, the fiercest, the elite ones. Everyone knew, that with Dark Matter you are safe. At the beginning they were just the security guards for the other corporations’ ships. Their power grew with their glory, and then they founded their own space fleet. They left other fleets without guard, and rushed into the deserted universe alone.

All the best soldiers were already in the Dark Matter, so other corporations started to train rookies and create their own guard. And at the same time, Dark Matter was thousands of parsecs ahead, conquering space.


Origin Apes, the first corporation that started space exploration at the edge of the 20th century. First goal was to know the limits of space, and the opportunities that it gives. They worked with governments and used the first spacecraft to deliver astronauts to orbit. Later they designed their own space station on the low orbit of the Furaria, where experiments and science research were conducted. This gave them tons of vital information about space travel. This station became the first outpost for expanding space travel on the moon and closest planets. They also were the first, who stepped on the soil of another planet and built the colonies there.

Space exploration expands, new companies emerge, but Origin Apes stays the most powerful corporation. Decades later they forget about their primal goals, and focus on the commercial part, and just lease technologies and facilities to other companies. Time passes and all their excellence fades, while others evolve and run forward. And that leaves Origin Apes in the position where they were forced to start practically from the beginning. They gain power back, but at what cost?


A long time ago, before the first spaceship’s were even constructed. At the times, when kings ruled in Furaria, and sailors discovered new lands, the first alliances were formed. This grew into a big international company, with hundreds of ships and an army. They accumulated great wealth in their hands, and great power under their command. Some kings were foolish enough that they found kingdoms in debt before this company. They were almost kings, with all that gold and power. And that’s when they became the Gold Order. Surprisingly, some kings weren’t happy about that turn of events, so they were trying to diminish the power of the company. All it turns into a series of political and war conflicts, and at the end of it, the company was less rich and it was forbidden to have its own army.

Time was running and the company was focused on trading, developing their own production of goods. When the space era began, their plants manufactured half of the components that were used in spaceships. So no travel and expansion could be possible without their involvement. They became richer and richer with every new spacecraft and facility that was built during the expansion. All that riches were accumulated on the homeland planet, Furaria. De facto they became the rulers of all the planet, and all their orders were dictated by their gold.


Transforming and terramorphing is the most profitable business in space economics. Not many planets have comfortable conditions for life. But many became suitable after the Morph Squad’s work. Morph Squad — a big corporation, raised from the special Mars mission. Their prior task on the planet was to change the climate and surface, and make it suitable for life.

During the mission, many experiments and technology studies were conducted. And as a result, Mars became inhabitant, and colonists can live there and breathe without space suits. Inspired by these results, Morph Squad sent their workers on all the closest planets, creating more suitable places for life. Two hundred years passed, and now they have a bunch of their own planets to lend to colonists or tourists.


PAQ is a big construction corporation which long ago was a small contractor for Origin Apes, they helped to build first bases on Mars, and later on other planets. Those who come first, always receive the sweetest fruits. It was a fruitful partnership, and PAQ abilities grew, along with their equipment park. Being the first ones with Origin Apes on the planet, they have a chance to be the first to see what resources could be harvested there. So very fast they understand that these advantages should be used properly. And they became not only construction contractors, but also began to mine planetary minerals.

When Origin Apes lost their power, PAQ on the other hand rose higher. PAQ owns the most valuable mineral resources on the other planets, discovered in the universe at this moment. And what is more important, they are the most professional corporation in the mining industry.


Neo Apes are the youngest corporation of all. They started their journey a couple centuries ago. At first it was a science-based corporation, focused on research of space and life in it. Their first commercial project helped to travel long distances in hibernation. Neo Apes tried to enhance their capabilities in space and on planets with aggressive environments. As a result of these experiments, a suit was created, which became the essential part of an ape. Or possibly vice versa — the ape became the essential part of a suit. All those transformations with the apes and suits, gave new possibilities in space expansion. They widened the spheres of explorations, and made it possible to enter those planets, where no other corporations could reach. But these transformations affected not only the bodies, but the minds also.

All other apes considered Neo Apes weird and quirky, and did not want to have deals with them. On the other hand, Neo Apes thought about themselves as the most progressive and advanced creatures. Technologies gave them the opportunity to become the most advanced corporation, but in a weird way. Their power was their weakness, because with time they became more isolated from others. But it looks like this is not their problem.


HOME corporation was founded by one eccentric billionaire, who started his business from a small local store and then expanded in all spheres. 10 years later he already founded airlines, and then he built his own spaceship. At first, the name HOME was considered as a store near home. Then during the growth its meaning changed, and it was like the home for all different businesses that were included in this corporation. At the edge of the space expansion era, the name HOME was considered as the place where everything started, as the homeland of exploration. And now its meaning changed again, it means that every discovered planet is a home too.


Eve Horizon is a special forces unit, formed by the United Government of Furaria at the age of expansion. Their main task is to stay on guard of all the space territories that were explored and attached to the expanding interstellar empire. First it was a government organization, but it took too much money to support such a big staff. And later it transformed into a commercial corporation, with the government as the main shareholder.

Eve Horizon is a corporation that is always on the ridge of the universe, where everything is possible to happen. But also as a commercial corporation, they accept offers from those who need their help to guard or explore new planets. When Dark Matter left their clients without guard, Eve Horizon became the exact substitute that was needed by all. Mostly at this time they became more powerful and rich, because everyone needed a new guard, and they could pay everything to get back in safety again.


The history of this corporation started a long time ago, when all around was wild and tameless. Two young wolves founded a city, which was growing fast, and turned into a prosperous country, absorbing little villages and cities nearby. Rome — they called this country. First mention of TRR was at the beginning of Roman history. It was actually the secret order of the most noble members of society. They ruled from the shadows, with politics and money. Centuries passed one by one, and order lost its secrecy, but not power. In modern history TRR became a company focused on banking and finances.

When the space era began, they credited those who wanted to conquer distant planets. Not all were lucky, so at the end, they went bankrupt and TRR took their property, and mostly it was spaceships. That’s when they decided to start their own space expansion, and became an interstellar corporation. Those captains who went bankrupt and lost their ships, were hired to rule these ships again, with their knowledge and TRR’s money this partnership turned out very prosperous. Noone know for sure, what TRR means. Some say — Timeless Rome Reign, others say — Towering Remarkable Rome. But now, most call it Third Rome Reign, referring to the third incarnation of TRR. From secret order to company, from company to interstellar corporation.


Their goal and brand motto is to bring joy and positive emotions to all. At the times, when space traveling was available only to the professional astronauts, Banana Way was founded as a travel company for rich clients, who dreamed about space and wanted to feel zero gravity. First it was more like a closed club for very rich and highly motivated clients, such as the Banana Way founders. But with time it transformed into a bigger corporation and became more affordable for everyone who wanted to go to the moon and beyond.

They start to build their own spacecraft. The first was small, and could carry few travelers. But with time they became enormous cruise ships with pools and theaters, casinos and tennis courts, and all sorts of entertainment. They build their own chains of hotels and space stations around discovered planets. They made the traveling industry in space as cheap as it could be, and as fun as possible. And it all works out perfectly, because they literally go bananas about their corporation! Go bananas!